Resources for participants

This nanoEHS Scrimmage event will enlist two sets of teams to compete in scientifically addressing hypothetical scenarios involving nanoscale pesticides. One will examine a nanoscale silver pesticidal product and one a nanoscale copper pesticidal product. There are many similarities in terms of their metallic nature and probable modes of action, and both have a reasonable body of literature to support the respective spill scenarios.

Scenario A: Daysville River Spill
The hypothetical pesticide product Nano-[Ag]-cide®, has been released in the Days River through an accidental spill of a large shipment of an aqueous suspension of the nanoform pesticide.
Scenario B: Daysville Road/Loading Dock Spill
A significant quantity of copper-based hypothetical pesticide product, Nano-[Cu]-cide®, has been released in powdered form near a loading dock onto an urban street.
A collection of supporting information gathered and developed so that participants have a robust set of reference resources to utilize for the scrimmage and related actions.

Additional information

NanoEHS Scrimmage will be part of The 2016 U.S.-EU: Bridging NanoEHS Research Efforts joint workshop. The Workshop will bring together the U.S.- EU Communities of Research (CORs), which serve as a platform for U.S. and EU scientists to share information on nanoEHS research. This is the 5th event in a series of joint nanoEHS workshops organized by the U.S. National Nanotechnology Initiative and the European Commission.